Peace is your natural state,

it is the mind that obstructs the natural state.


Personal Productivity Coach,

Digital Consultant / Website Developer

Photographer, Truth Lover & Human Being

I coach individuals to optimize and enjoy their day-to-day experience in the digital world.

My intention is to assist, guide and motivate you to embrace stress-free productivity in daily living.

For many years I worked in Website Development and Graphic Design; around 15 years ago I started investigating the nature of mind, productivity and peace.

Peace of mind in daily living

“When people know they have a process in place to handle any situation, they are more relaxed. When they’re relaxed, everything improves. More gets done, with less effort, and a host of other wonderful side effects emerge that add to the outcomes of their efforts and the quality of their life.”

David Allen

Services & Contact

  • Have a free personal phone call or video conference to discuss your potential.

  • Help you learn to understand and relax your mind, to reduce stress and naturally increase productivity.

  • Explore your creativity and find your niche.

  • Help the world to value your services and skills.

+1 (831) 275-0747

Pacific Grove, California 93950


"[Holger] You continue (as usual) to amaze me with the quality and diversity of your mind and artistic talents. Thank you so very much for the lovely wonderful full of energy and beauty card. I am very fortunate to know you and have you value me enough to share yourself and your creations. Thank you."

Julian Bills

Hotel Broker,

"I spent two one-on-one training sessions with Holger. As a person who is easily frustrated with technology, I found Holger’s instruction to be patient and very individualized.

I came to our first lesson with a list of things I specifically wanted to accomplish. Holger referred to the list several times through out the lessons, ensuring that we covered each item. He also quickly grasped how I was hoping to use my new skills, and showed me additional techniques and shortcuts to facilitate in my goals.

Holger takes his time explaining things, is gracious about repeating things or explaining them in a different way, and is happy to tailor his instruction to an individual. I highly recommend him for one-on-one instruction."


Blind & Visually Impaired Center

"Holger Hubbs continues to provide his technical expertise and creativity enabling me to reach far beyond my expectations in utilizing and extending my effectiveness in the use of my computer. "

Walter Bilger

Artist and Counselor – M.A. Fine Art (Humboldt State University),

M.A. Social Science (Phillips Institute),

"Hi @holgerhubbs

Thanks for bringing your organizational tools and insights into my life. You may have made all the difference in making this work."

Rhett Smith

Wave Street Studios, Monterey

"Many thanks to you, Holger, for your calm and well-placed approach to tech teaching."

Mary, Carmel

"And thank you for your kind heart and your website skills."

David Spector

Natural Stress Relief

"I love it!… and I can vouch for your talent as a teacher."

Victoria, Monterey

"You have such a kind heart and besides being so 'techy' guide someone in every sense of the way. Just learning from the best!"

Sylvia Arkilanian